Surface Design Immersion Class 2021

Well, I'm at it again. Next week I begin my third class in surface pattern design. It is said that the third time is the charmer. I've proved this adage incorrect a countless number of times. What I lack in follow-through, I make up for in tenacity. I love a new challenge, especially one that tests my ability to admit that I've become a quitter when faced with my own design limitations. 

I'm thrilled to be taking this class. My last experience with designer Bonnie Christine was back in 2015. I found her surface pattern design class on Skillshare and not only signed up for it, I actually completed it and then wrote a post about my experience here. I found Bonnie's teaching style a perfect companion to my own learning style. With fewer work related projects demanding my time, perhaps this will be the class that helps me create the kind of work that keeps me awake at night. 

A lack of self esteem has never allowed me to post works in progress. What if it sucks? Truth told, most WIPs suck, at least to the creator. To the outsider, the viewer who sees the creative process as unattainable magic - WIPs offer a glimpse into the mystical alchemical process. Their glimpse does not include comparing themselves to strangers on the internet. Ours nearly always does. 

Here's a pattern I created yesterday on Procreate. It repeats, so technically it's not a WIP, but I'd never call it a completed work. It's also small - 12" square, which means its use is limited to other small things, since small work can almost never become large work. Learning Illustrator will fix that. 

Surface Design class begins today at 3:00. I'm excited to get started. I'm even excited to share my WIPs because public disclosure is the first step in the process of my becoming something new.