Life After Museware Pottery

03.03.20 After nearly 18 years of self-employment, I’ve recently found myself facing un-employment. Business has changed. The future of Museware requires fresh energy and new direction. I’ve lost the heart for it and am ready for the next phase of my life. It’s taken time, but I’ve grown comfortable with the idea of moving on. I’m making plans. Phase one began with my offering Museware to my friend & long-time key employee, Nicole. Much to my delight, she said yes. Next, I’ll find design work. Then, I’ll build a website for my abstract art.
In my former life, I was a kitchen and interior designer. I loved my work completely and left to pursue self employment only when the special needs of my young son, Neal, required flexibility. Neal left this world in 2012, leaving me with the burning question - now that I’m not a mom, who am I? Not knowing the answer, I threw myself into my work, to the exclusion of nearly everything else. Nearly eight years later, the question has changed. Now that I’m not a business owner, who am I?
I am Sheree Joy Burlington, daughter, sister, aunt, angel mom. I’m a designer and creator. A writer and singer. A seeker and questioner of everything and a self proclaimed conspiracy theorist. I’m an extroverted-introvert - both confident and insecure. I feel things deeply - the glorious highs and the darkest lows. I’m wonderful and imperfect and I love myself with a head full of judgement and a heart full of compassion. I am a quality human being.
So, I’ll continue my search: For fulfilling design work for, and with good people. For a way to express my inner creativity. For relationships, direction, and a sense of wonder. For meaning in a divided world longing for unity. And finally, for an ability to protect myself from its pain. In the words of Rumi “I went inside my heart to see how it was. Something there makes me hear the whole world weeping.”
I hear you.