Monday, August 2, 2010

SendOutCards. It Feels Good.

By day, I'm the owner and designer of Museware Pottery & a licensed artist. By night, I've suddenly become a card designer and sender. I was introduced to SendOutCards less than a week ago and I'm completely in love with this simple & wicked nice service. Send cards to people that you care about. Then watch what happens in your life.

I'm all about the moment and love email, texting and Facebook. I don't even have a paper address book. If my Outlook crashed, I'd be screwed. Taking time to drive to a store, sort through the racks, find a stamp, remember to mail it ... I do it only it when it would be just rude not to. This doesn't mean I don't think about you. It just means I let the thought pass without acting on it. I ignore my promptings. prompt·ing, 2. To give rise to; inspire.

I've spent just about every spare moment this week, designing cards, and not because I have to. Because I want to. For a person like me, card giving is a perfect creative outlet. I get to design, I get to share my creativity with the people in my life who matter most. Then, I get to do it all over again. The whole time I'm creating, my thoughts are on the recipient. I'm sending out some pretty good energy.

The product collage above was created in Photoshop CS4 and saved as a jpeg. I then uploaded the image to my Send Out Cards account, added personalization and sent it to each of my top customers. The name of their store was featured both on the front and inside. I included a personal note as well. I love the results and know my customers will enjoy their card. It's pretty enough that I bet it ends up hanging on the wall somewhere.

Since not everyone can design in Photoshop, I wanted to see what could be done with my own photos and the elements offered in the SOC program. They offer simple to use templates for those looking for a quick solution as well as a large number of "papers" & other elements for those in search of a more creative experience. This is me and my friends in Burlington, VT. The photos here are mine. The rest came from the SOC program. As soon I get addresses, I'll send one card to each person, including myself. I fricken love this.

Today, I almost missed Kelly's birthday - again. I found this fabulous image of her with her siblings on her Facebook page, cut out the background, ran it through filter>artistic>fresco and then saved it in gray scale. The background and alphabet are free downloads from The Shabby Princess, a digital scrap-booking site I found while poking around. I posted this to her FB page so that she'd get timely birthday wishes and will mail out the actual card once I her address.

I've become so digital in the last years, I find I know few physical addresses. Now that I have a way to send out cards to anyone, at any time, without going to a store or the post office, I can actually let people know I'm thinking about them. And when people let me know they're thinking about me - well I'm just human enough to love it.

So here's my new approach: You pop into my mind. I log on to SendOutCards (I'm on the computer anyway) choose a card, add my own images and text, fill out address, click send. It's printed at midnight and mailed the next day. A few days later, you've got mail. And if it's from me, I guarantee you're surprised.