Friday, February 6, 2009

WHAT is UP with you people?

Don't you guys have a life? I take a couple of stinkin' days to get some work done, open my reader and find SIXTY-FOUR posts to catch up on? I mean, seriously. Fricken A. I just went back to check the number and now it's 65. WTF. Do you people not sleep?

Ok, since it's obvious that I'm playing in the big leagues, where I clearly have no business, I quit. I quit trying to keep up with you. Especially you, Dooce. Here is the question: How can you be pregnant, run around after a 5 year old, keep a house, two dogs and a husband and still find time to write 31 posts in less than two weeks? There is something that is just not right about that. Someone in that house has got to be suffering. I'm not posting and everyone in my house suffers. You make me look bad.

And YOU! India! 8 posts when you're supposed to be lying on a beach? I haven't found time to read them, so I don't know if you've been kidnapped and are blogging from a dark room in some basement or if you found some pay per word program and are laughing all the way to the bank.

So without mentioning any real names (Thys, Mud, KWR, Suburb - you know who you are) this is what I have to say: Knock it off. Go to work. Clean your house. Go out and get drunk. Have sex in the back yard. Step away from the computer

Whew. I feel better.


kwr221 said...

Shockingly, my house is in one of it's rare Clean Spells.

I drink when I blog.

My Husband is traveling.

My kids are at school/busy with homework/at sports/being ignored.

You're in NH, I'm in NY, you damn well KNOW it's too cold for sex in the backyard.

I work part-time and I'm a slacker.

The computer is a laptop. It's portable.

Now, what's new with you? :-)

Word verification: proungsy

Sheree got rather proungsy when questioned about her bloggin habits.

Sheree said...

Ah HA! I knew it! There you were, just waiting for me to post after I clearly instructed you to step AWAY from the computer.

Actually, that backyard thing? That was just a dare. There are few people on this planet that would inspire me to do this - except maybe the bouncer at Whippersnappers, who I would pay to have sex with, anywhere.

Professional relationships are so much simpler.

Miss Thystle said...

It's plenty warm enough for back yard nookie here in the desert, but since my neighbors have already seen me naked twice in the last few weeks, I'll save them the sight for a while. Because I care.

My house is a wreck. Just the way I like it. That way when the news crew shows up, I don't have to change out of my pajamas.

Sheree said...

Why does that not surprise me?

Debbie said...

I actually post while having sex in the backyard. The kids stay inside and clean the house. It is a system that works for us.
And quit leaving us for so long. We begin to worry.

Debbie said...

Also, is that shirt available?

sheila said...

Lol. I dunno, I find that sometimes writing a post keeps me sane. That little bitty time when I can tune everyone else out.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Your just jay-lous.

Dooce makes HALF A MILLION garbanzo beans from her blog, honey. For that kind of dough I would post every frickin half hour.

I blog so that my children will leave me alone. Besides, bottles of chardonnay don't finish themselves you know.

Sheree said...

Half A Mil? Dooce, baby - don't take offense. I'm watchin' everything you do and want to be just like you when I grow up. By next year.