Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plip. Plip. Plip.

My studio is in an ancient mill in NH. We share our building with a large cast of characters, and along with them, the sounds of their daily activity. Right now, the people in the abutting unit are using some high velocity air gadget. Fluffy piles of stuff indeterminate filters under the fire door. We have to vacuum it daily. Cut that shit out. In the basement room beneath my kiln room, the boiler is howling away. I've seen it. It looks and sounds like a locomotive and reminds me of my college days in the Boston subway. When it's howling, we have heat. Heat in NH is good.

The guys across the hall are dragging pallet after pallet out to the loading dock. When I'm on the phone, I have to ask whoever I'm speaking with to repeat themselves. The freight elevator lies directly off of my shipping area. It's quiet now but last week, we heard its occupants discussing Nicole's boobs.

So, with all of this activity going on all around us, you'd think I wouldn't hear the steady plip of water dripping from the ceiling: Into a bowl in front of the printer. Into three storage bins lined up across the cushions of the couch. Into a bucket at the end of my design table. Into a trash can next to the sink. Onto the counter top and across the floor near the refrigerator. Into a bowl on the other counter. Onto the floor in the shipping area.

In a minute, I'll pick up the phone and call the property manager. Like I have almost every day since we moved in last month. He will answer in his usual Oh My F.ing Word, Get Over It voice. Send someone up to the roof (or not) to shovel off the snow that will keep fricken falling because it's winter and we live in NH


Miss Thystle said...

how annoying is the dripping of water? Water sounds, like slurping and dripping DRIVE ME NUTS.

You have my sympathy.

Debbie said...

I cannot stand sounds like that. It is making me crazy just thinking about it.

sheila said...

Okay, that sucks. All of it. I don't think I could handle all that noise. Especially when I'm trying to concentrate, lol. Great pic by the way!

Cathy Winsby said...

You're a hoot! Thanks for the morning giggle....love your ranting style.

Sheree said...

They were up on the roof again yesterday, shoveling snow. The bad thing is that it is still dripping. The good thing is that we've had a steady stream of rather interesting men in and out of here all week.

WV: wunti
Definition: archaic for the female profile, specifically - breasts.
Sentence: The roofing guys had work to do outside, but the pottery gal's wunti distracted them from their purpose.

Braja said...

Ah Shereeeee....now I understand why you should be with me in India and not there :)

Sheree said...

The thought of being in India never crossed my mind until now. Give me a few years to work out the details of this rich and famous stuff and I'll meet you on that beach.

kwr221 said...

Sooo, if you're back, we want a post with all your NYC details...including Chinese food with Lorrie!

WV: hydracks

do with it what you will

blairspage said...

Annoying dripping water SUCKS!!! It almost hurts my ears to hear something like that!

Hugs - Tiff

Sheree said...

When the buckets lined up in front of my printers stopped being effective, Nicole attached a seven foot plastic drop cloth to the wall and spooled it into a 25 gallon trash can. Which was 1/3 full on Friday. We find the sound of running water soothing.

I am one with my f.ing roof.