Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pimp My Blog.

Pssst. You. Over there. C'mere. You look like you could use some. Well, I got some. And it is fi-ine stuff. All you need to do in order to get some is go to one of these three places. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Suburb Sanity is pimpin' my stuff. Handmade Showcase, too. Give me a minute, I'll come up with something is pimping Swearware. She totally bribed me, got a free mug and is now working in my stables. You could be next. Have your people contact my people.


Lorrie Veasey said...

Watch out Huggy Bear, I own the West Side of Interweb and your goils cannot work he same corner as mines.

I'm just sayin.

Sheree said...

Listen, Blondie, you've had your territory long enough. My girls got jugs. Yours?

I'm just askin.

Debbie said...

I'm working it, girl! I gotta another post plugging you tomorrow. Don't hit me, please.

Sheree said...

I never hit my girls. Can't speak for the Wicked Madame from the West though.

kwr221 said...

Okay, I pimped your blog again!

My BITE ME mug came on a day when I really needed the pick-me-up. Thank you!

It holds my morning java as we speak. :-)

You should have at *least 9 or 10 readers now. ;-)

Sheree said...

Kristin, I keep my eyes on everything you do & timed the delivery of that mug to coincide with your time of need. If I'd been paying more attention, it would have arrived full of chili.