Saturday, December 13, 2008

Off With My Head

For those of you who are new to this blog, I am the practically famous Sheree Burlington, self employed artist, single mom, subjugated girlfriend and now, award winning blog author. Sheila, another opinionated broad from Ma Vie Folle has nominated my blog for the Marie Antoinette award.

For centuries, Marie has been reviled as a partying slut who lived a lavish life of excess. Of course I'd be given such an award. While my life and reputation are less historic, Marie and I have a couple of things in common. At her rustic retreat called the hemeau, "porcelain bowls were cast using Marie Antoinette's own ample breasts as their mould." Pottery. Breasts. Marie even rhymes with Sheree.

So, in honor of The Girls, I would like to recognize the following Blogs for their mammary contributions: Miss Thystle for her Remarkable Rack & bawdy sense of humor. Our Name is Blog for her Beautiful Berthas, her mojo & for inspiring me in everything she does. And though I know nothing of their boobage, I'd like to express my appreciation for Debbie from Suburb Sanity for her endless optimism & Kristin of kwr221 for listing religion as her industry while simultaneously drinking coffee out of a Bite Me mug.

If you would like to accept this award, the original giver has asked me to post the following rules. I don't like the word "rules," it brings out the non conformist in me. I prefer to call them suggestions:

1) Please add the Marie Antoinette award photo on your blog.
2) Place a link to the person from whom you received the award.
3) Nominate 7 exceptional blogs to receive the award.
4) Put the links to those blogs on your blog.
5) Leave a message on their blogs to tell them they are the chosen ones!

Thystle, Lorrie, Debbie & Kristin...Off with your heads.




I don't know how I got over here because I've been reading for a while, but you are hands down funny.
It's refreshing to hear people say what they want in such a definitive expression.
And those two men in your life are lucky to have you have their back.

Sheree said...

Not all who wander are lost. Glad you found your way to the other side of the tracks. I'm sending good thoughts to your liver.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Once again you are TOO FREEKING KIND. I thank you for the award and will pass it on in a bit.

word verification: colowr
definition: the tinted skin around your anus
sentence: After obtaining a mirror, Krag noticed that his colowr had darkened to an odd shade of aubergine.

Miss Thystle said...

We are so honored. And by "we" I mean the twins and me. Also, I just saw that you are an Outlander fan, and I am reading Breath of Snow and Ashes again, (reread the whole series...for the fifth time) and I really have no where to go with this informaion except to say, I heart Jamie, the end. PS. Thanks again for the award!

Sheree said...

The tinted skin around my anus? That's just not anything I ever imagined I'd be discussing. I think we should stick to boobs. Much more PC.

Sheree said...

OMG Thys, Jamie Fraser. That man gives me a total boner (not to be confused with colowr) Is it possible that there are any real men like him out there?

Debbie said...

Endless optimism? I had no idea. Damn. A whole life lived from the wrong perspective. Now what?
Thank you for my award. I am honored to be in this group with such wonderful bloggers, even if I am much better than them. I will definitely blog about this.

sheila said...

OH! lol, I SO wish I used the word SLUT in my post! lol. Very very nice spin on this!

You're hilarious, that's why I like coming here. :0)

kwr221 said...

Lorrie - EEEwwwwwwwww/

Sheree - thank you.

and you never imagined discussing you-know-what because obviously you have more tact than Ms Veasey. Just sayin'

Braja said...

Now that's what I call an award. Keep the rest, but that works.

Sheree said...

Don't be jealous of mah' skills. Yo.

WV: pidedly
Definition: An amount less than one ounce and greater than one gram.
Sentence: She was arrested for a pidedly amount of ganja and spent the rest of her days keeping a blog.