Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Cutest Blog On The Block"

Bad title. Very cool site. Over 300 free backgrounds for your blog. I just did it and it took seconds. The basic, center layout remained the same, so I didn't need to reconstruct the page. Each background comes with a bit of code, which you copy and paste into the HTML/Java Script screen. It's wicked easy. The following has been copied directly from their site.

1. Sign in to Blogger. This will take you to your Dashboard.
2 Under the blog you wish to change the background for, click on Layout.
3. You are now in the 'Add and Arrange Page Elements' screen. Click 'Add a Gadget'.
4. You are now in the 'Add a Gadget' screen. Scroll down to where it says 'HTML/JavaScript'.
5. Next to that, click on the (+) sign.
6. You are now in the 'Configure HTML/JavaScript' Screen. Under Content you'll see a large box, paste the entire following HTML code in that space.
7. Click 'Save'. You guys are gonna love this. They'll even design a custom banner to match your background for $30. Wicked talented chicks.


Ann said...

I clicked over from another glad I did. (Hope you do not mind.)

It is rare to find an entertaining blog that has "real" character. Still looking...let me know if you find one.... just kidding. You are one funny lady. I was cracking up.
Looking forward to reading more.

Jason and Talyse Burkett said...
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Debra said...

The only problem here is if you lose your passwrod there is NO where to find it and you are shut out

Sheree said...

Hi Jason - I just went to your blog and see that you figured it out. You have to add it in the layout section. Debra - if that's the way it is, you may be looking at this template for...forever.